Batman: Arkham Origins creators working on a new DC Comics Game

Montreal breaks the long silence, DC Comics game in works

A new DC Comics game is to be made by the devs of Batman: Arkham Origins. This news was confirmed by a designer at Montreal on Twitter.

Warner Bros Montreal new DC Comics Game

Designer Osama Dorias confirmed on Twitter that Warner Bros Montreal is working on a new DC comics video game. Montreal is silent since 2015 since then no news has been released by them regarding gaming development.

Before 2015, Montreal was known for developing outstanding games based on DC comic characters. Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins and Lego Legends are some of the worldwide famous games by them.

Moreover, there are 2 TBA games at WB Studios. As Montreal has become an expert in the Arkham series which is loved by fans worldwide, it is possible that the new game is related to the series. It is also highly probable that it is a Batman game, but not related to Arkham.

Producer Valerie Vezina also hinted that the game can be related to Batman: Court of Owls. However, it can be assumed that some of the game elements can also be taken from the movie ‘Batman vs Robin’ as it also features the involvement of the Court of Owls.

The last game Arkham Origins received both positive and negative reviews. Still, it proved the worth of studio to develop a full-on Batman experience for fans. Fans also speculated that as the silence was too long, both of the games would have been cancelled and a new project maybe there altogether.

The wait for 4 years seems long. It could have been due to developing issues, or ‘something big is coming up’ or both. With Marvel having an amazing year with Spiderman PS4, DC should also step up their gaming levels to stay in the competition.

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