Batman Beyond Remastered launched by DC at San Diego Comic Con

Batman Beyond Remastered

The Dark Knight: Batman is set to return this Fall. As SDCC is currently going on, DC animated series is set to return and that too as a limited edition.

At SDCC, the creators and animators of the fan-favourite DC animated series gave an insight into the series future. The remastered version is to be named ‘Batman Beyond: The Complete Animated Series Limited Edition’.

The series will hold approximately 15 extra featurettes. Also, DC planned a surprise for fans who will buy the physical version of the collection. Fans will get a ‘Batman Beyond: Funko Pop’ as a gift.

Batman Beyond Story

Batman Beyond is basically a sequel to Batman The Animated Series. It features Terry McGinnis who is a 16 Y/O athletic boy. He is tutored by a ‘Deteriorating Batman’. As Bruce has grown old and cannot handle crime even with his finest of suits.

Batman Beyond Remastered: Release date, Plot and more ...

All other allies of Batman have been either killed or have died. Thus, Terry McGinnis becomes ‘Batman Beyond’. Similar to Batsy-Joker duo, Terry’s greatest foe is Blight.

Batman Beyond established the endpoint in DC animated series. Thus all upcoming and other animated shows remain a prequel. This series held 52 episodes.

However, the remastering is not complete, only 41 of 52 episodes are remastered. To analyse the difference between remastering and old-view, IGN created a youtube video giving us a side by side comparison.

Batsy is the most famous superhero for now. He is also the most formidable hero in all superhero verse. Thus a remastered version of the classic is a treat to fans.

Price and Release Date

The price of the animated series is $50. The remastered series is set to release on 15th October 2019 (Digital Launch) and the Blu-Ray version will follow up on 29th October. Also, the Season 1 will be available for the subscribers to DC Universe Streaming service.

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