Batman Series: Writer Tom King ends his contract with CBS


After months of rumors and guessworks, CBR has finally stated that Tom King is ending his contract with CBS for Batman series. However, King will remain in-touch with DC for further projects.

Because there are always two sides to the story

Writer Tom King Calls It Quits For Batman Series


CBR has made it clear that King will be leaving for the whole Batman series, not for a number of episodes. His leaving will come towards the later months of the year. The decision of departing has aroused due to the Issue#85.

This would, however not be an end of his tenure as a publisher. He has some unannounced, new projects with DC right now. Further details shall be revealed in the coming months.

The rumour didn’t come out of the box but started at Bleeding Cool. After his resignation, King posted on twitter as;

So many kind notes. You all rock. He intended to thank his fans through the message. Mitch Gerads, one of his frequent collaborator, shared his tweets in response to the King’s (or it seems to be).

He tweeted

“I know things about a thing and it all means even better things.”
He didn’t top here and posted a satirical video on Twitter with caption; Jumping to conclusions. Indeed, Mitch slayed Tom harshly.

Batman series: How DC will cope with loss of Tom King?

Tom King Calls It Quits For Batman Series


King has given more of him to DC. He contributed significantly to DC’s Rebirth initiative. He is undoubtedly an integral part of DC’s most extravagant plans. The production of King’s Batman went on rolls in 2016.

Besides Batman, he has penned down Heroes in Crisis for DC. The mini-series features art from Mitch Gerads, Clay Mann and Lee Weeks. King received Eisner Awards for his notable work in Batman. Moreover, he’s been currently nominated for his exceptional brilliance in Mister Miracle.

While it is still unclear whether King will share a future in DC, his next works for DC are highly- anticipated.

His other mini-series Heroes In Crisis will be arriving on May 29, while the Batman art goes on sale by June 5.

We highly hope for his future collaborations with DC.

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