Battalion 1944 is a blend of COD and CS: GO, Shroud emphases

Shroud emphases Battalion 1944 is a blend of COD and CS: GO

After the release of Battalion 1944 in early access, the game is based on World War II. The FPS based game is able to give a much better response as similar to Call of Duty traditional games.

However, Twitch streamer Shroud explains the game to be one of a kind and its best First person game to be released now. As Shroud is always known for his legendary playing background too many of this FPS based games. And now it seems he is addicted to the game upon its release and he is binge playing the game.

Shroud emphases Battalion 1944 is a blend of COD and CS: GO


Battalion 1944 is the best fps game out now – Shroud

During a live stream on June 2, he thoroughly expressed his good vibes about the game. He also claimed to enjoy a whopping 43 hours of gameplay. Shroud loved the game and explained his reason for saying so.

Moreover, he mentioned the similarities of Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offence. For which he is for titled the best playing strategies and holding a legendary status of this game as a professional player.

Shroud explains Battalion 1944 is the best FPS game right now

Shroud CS: GO pro also claims, the game is pretty difficult as it combines COD and CS: GO esque.  Though, the fact is sure it deals with jumping around the corner, sprays and all the drop shots. So, it’s kind of a mixture blended together with COD and counter strike.

Shroud emphases Battalion 1944 is a blend of COD and CS: GO

SOURCE: Steam Community

How does the game’s competitive pool work?

Irrespective of how the pro player and many have enjoyed the game is somehow related to the CS: GO competitive mode. As the game is integrated with a recognized event or tournament organizer FACEIT.

Moreover, the method of competitive mode in the Battalion is like search and destroy. Each match is divided into many rounds and players need to earn tokens in order to fulfil their inventory. Tokens are earned based on individual performance during the rounds.

Just like CS: GO, after the end of each round, a fresh start is carried upon the players. As to how, if a player dies in the last round, during the start of the new round the player respawns. Along with a clean inventory irrespective of the tokens earned.

If the player doesn’t carry enough tokens, they need to continue playing with lower tier weapons until they earn tokens for better machinery and explosives. Check out The Geek Herald for more exciting updates.

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