Battle Academia skins are out – they stand out to be league champion


Battle Academia,is a series based on alternate future skins in the league of legends. The superheroes and the skins are cultivated in a school in this RPG online game.

However, new skins are available after patch 9.10. The Conqueror Alistar was among the beast of skins. But, getting a single skin weekly was not appealing at all. As now, Battle Academia skins are available each skins the player or champion a look of anime. The price varies from 1350 RP at least with 1820 was the highest price on sale.

Battle Academia Ezreal:

An orphan without any superhuman abilities has encountered a substantial threat. Though, he thinks himself as the 1st year has now accounted in Durandal academy and the ragtag battle club.

Battle Academia Jayce:

A charismatic face throughout the city of Durandal and class president of 2nd year. He got in a tragedy at his youth and doesn’t disclose that to anyone. However, his invention would help to prevent tragedies later or with someone else.


She is also a 2nd-year student and head of Assassin club. But, she is a loner who prevents joining the politics happening around Durandal.


The 1st year with fast-paced tempo and a freshman at sorcery club. She has a lot amount of magical power that her seniors also can’t explain.

Battle Academia skins are out – they stand out to be league champion

Battle Academia Lux prestige edition
SOURCE: Surrenderat20

Lux Prestige edition:

The skin is an exclusive edition with a price of 2000 trail tokens.

Professor Graves:

An ex-soldier with tremendous experience has the ability to teach at Durandal academy. His teaching technique pays a little for years of experience.

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Battle Academia skins are out – they stand out to be league champion

Battle Academia Skins

Chroma: The formal Chroma can be avail with trail tokens. However, this game has different sets to avail.

BA Jayce, Katarina and Professor Graves comes with 6 skins, formal Chroma and Bundle of exclusive Ruby Chroma.

In the section of crafting, new skins along with the icon and border sets are available. The crafting will cost you with 50 and later with 250 tokens each. The Lux prestige edition is not available to buy for now but will be rolling out in next few days.

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