Batwoman Spoiler: DCU all set to unveil Hush who is obsessed with Bruce Wayne!

Hush is to be introduced in Batwoman without Bruce Wayne!

This year already was and will be pretty big for DC Universe and Batwoman is up next. The DC TV shows are doing pretty well and the viewership will increase drastically as Arrow is about to end. Also, the crossover event of this year will attract more fans.

The Crisis on Infinite Earths will introduce new characters into the picture including Batwoman. However, Batwoman a.k.a Kate Kane is also getting her own TV show in which the lead role is taken up by Ruby Rose. The cousin of caped crusader will take up the mantle and the matters in her own hands to handle the villains of Gotham.

Including the roster of villains that are set to appear in the show, Tommy Elliot is the name which came multiple times. Moreover, Tommy Elliot is actually a close friend from the very start of Bruce Wayne. Thus, Tommy, Bruce and Kate are intimately related.

We come to know later the Tommy is actually Hush, Batman‘s foe who is too clever to be caught. Also, the recent movie Batman: Hush dwells deeper into the thinking of Hush and his crimes in Gotham. Showrunner Caroline Dries had to explain the introduction of Hush in Batwoman, as he actually is more intimately related to Batman rather than Batwoman. He explains,

“In the comics, he’s obsessed with Bruce Wayne, and you get to understand a little tease of that relationship. And what helps us is that Kate and Tommy knew each other from growing up, because Kate was intimately engaged in Bruce’s life,”

She continues further,

“Tommy, as you’ll see the way the story unfolds, is sort of the perfect marriage between a Bruce Wayne/Batman/Kane Kane story,”

Batwoman Early Reviews and Release Date

Still, there are no major leaks out there for the TV show. Early reviews suggest that the show is average and won’t come in top 5 CW TV shows. However, fans are more concerned about Swamp Thing and Crisis on Infinite Earths, as Swamp Thing has already ended and became a fan-favourite but DC decided to end it right there. However, rumours are that CW will pick up Swamp Thing where it left off.

Batwoman will start premiering on 6th October 2019.

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