Beats releasing Apple Airpods alternative through its Wireless Powerbeats

Apple Airpods alternative

Soon after the Apple Airpods 2 are released,  Apple’s subsidiary, the Beats brand is going to launch wire-free Powerbeats, an Apple Airpod alternative.

According to the reports by CNET, the Apple Airpod alternative would be released in April. Also, Beats had designed the technology especially for athletes for their work-outs and other activities like running. Powerbeats are known to be the first product of Beats brand of its kind.

Powerbeats by Beats: Price

We are not yet confirmed about the price of the upcoming Powerbeats. But, the chances are high that it would cost between $199 and $200 or above. This is because the new Apple Airpods and the current version of Powerbeats costs $199. Hence, the cost of new Powerbeats would definitely go higher.

Powerbeats: A good Apple Airpod alternative

Like the new Apple Airpods, Beats had featured the Powerbeats with the same H1 chip. This chip is responsible for a fast switch between the devices. You can make quick connections during the phone calls. Hence, we can refer to them as good Apple Airpod alternative. Refer to our previous article on best Airpod alternatives for more options.

Features of Powerbeats

As mentioned, Powerbeats are similar to Apple Airpods 2. They support “Hey Siri” feature to avoid using hands for music control through your device. It incorporates a longer talk time for users. Furthermore, as per the reports of CNET, Powerbeats offer better resistance to water and bass (lowest pitch sounds).

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