Ben Affleck Rumors: Star Showers Love By Gifting Extravagant Gifts?


Ben Affleck likes to express his love by way of gifts. Tabloids have often caught him purchasing expensive and extravagant gifts for his girlfriends. But has Ben Affleck actually purchased these gifts? Let’s find out.

Oklahoma Surprise for Jennifer Garner

Apparently, Affleck is guilty of purchasing a property adjacent to Garner’s family home. He wanted to get the star to marry her again. Well, it’s a bit confusing why Affleck would do this in the first place. Did he think that Garner would forget about the reason for their divorce and forgive him?

The truth is that Affleck started dating Ana De Armas during this time. The rumor that he purchased property in Oklahoma is completely false.

Ana De Armas Got An Island As A Gift

This source also claimed that Affleck gifted an island to Ana De Armas after a few months of dating her. Many rumors of the couple getting married also sprang from this story. However, Affleck’s representative clarified that there is no truth in this story.

Ana De Armas also got a Sports Car

Affleck was apparently in the habit of gifting a lot of expensive gifts to Ana. A sports car is also among the other expensive gifts, apart designer clothes and expensive jewelry. This rumor was also found to be bogus.

Armas is a star herself and capable of buying everything she desires.

Don’t forget the $200,000 “Promise” Ring

It is claimed that Affleck also got a $200,000 “promise ring” and proposed Armas at a romantic dinner. However, there are no details about when and where this happened. Clearly, the unreliable source made up this story.

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