Ben Simmons is Australia’s highest earning athlete ever

Australia's highest earning athlete ever! Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is now on a world record file already, the most sought after player in whole NBA. He is now worth whooping 240 Million Dollars highest of all times from Australia.

He has not yet accepted the offer yet, but if he does he will get the title of the highest paid athlete. This offer is a contract extension from his former team “Philadelphia 76ers”.

Melbourne born 22 years old has the weight of the 76ers on him. Thus Philly’s are trying to keep him in their court. If Simmons accepts the contract he will get 50 Million Dollars each year for 5 years.

Other Australian athletes including  F1 driver Daniel Ricciardo, golfer Jason Dayand and top basketballer Joe Ingles. He is also above the most sought of an Australian Basketball player named ‘Matthew Dellavedova’.

Also, the deals hold an additional 20 Million Dollar bonus for Philly’s contender. Ben Simmons is actually still halfway from ‘Greg’ who sits on the top with Whooping 420 Million Dollars plus bonuses.  But it is still thought from fans that he can top Greg as he is still not in his prime.

Australia's highest earning athlete ever! Ben Simmons

About his relationship

Also, the point to be noted is Ben Simmons is still below 25 years of age, thus he has a lot of time to nurture his talent in the direction of Basketball. Ben Simmons is famous for being in a relationship with the “Diva” Kendall Jenner.

However, their relationship didn’t last long and now they have departed their ways. If Simmons work well in Basketball as well as in monetary terms he can get to the ‘Legends’ club of on and above 600 Million Dollars.

Philadelphia 76ers Ben Simmons

Lebron James sits on a whopping 625 Million Dollars, but Simmons has a long way to go. With the planned strategy and good gameplay, he can achieve and maybe become the highest paid athlete in the whole world.

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