iOS Apps: Beware of popular apps that harvest your personal data without consent

iOS Apps: Beware of popular apps that harvest your information without consent

Your Apple iPhone might be responsible for collecting your personal information without your permission through iOS apps. Scroll down and read the post to find out more.

Is iPhone really harvesting our personal data through iOS Apps?

iOS Apps: Beware of popular apps that harvest your information without consent

Credits: Wired

According to the report, iOS apps are using hidden trackers to gather emails, personal information, and IP addresses. Your information is being tracked while you are sleeping.

Recently, a massive amount of personal information has been stolen by iOS apps. In the latest test, researchers discovered that the iPhone has more than 5,400 trackers in the apps. These trackers can easily transmit your emails to phone carriers without the user’s knowledge. It was found by connecting an iPhone up to a monitoring software.

These trackers are sending your valuable data to 3rd parties, and you don’t even know it. Such data is very useful for the third parties who use your data for their own purpose.

So what data do the iOS apps collect?

The third parties mostly seek your personal data which includes names, precise location data, email address, phone numbers, IP address, unique advertising IDs, cell phone carrier and accelerometer data.

Mostly, the app trackers are used at night. The app tracker is also used when the smartphone isn’t being handled.

How does it work?

Apple’s ‘Background App Refresh’ feature is being misused by these trackers. Their main purpose is to ensure that they are up to date when you reuse the app later. Moreover, they also try to improve user experience but don’t be fooled.

The process helps the tracker to transfer your sensitive data onto 3rd-party tracking companies such as Appboy, Amplitude, and Demdex. The company monthly collects and share 1.5 GB from a user’s phone.

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