Beyonce in talks with Disney to star in a rumoured project

Beyonce in talks with Disney to create another successful film

It seems like Disney is more excited to work with Beyonce after the massive success of The Lion King. And, they are eager to start a new project with the artist soon.

Beyonce and her character in The Lion King

Beyonce’s role in The Lion King of Nala took many hearts away as she voiced the lioness. The massive success of the movie is being attributed to Beyonce’s character in the film. And, thus Disney cannot resist from working with the singer cum songwriter.

Beyonce said that she had learned many things from The Lion King. She said that they struggled hard to discover hidden talents from parts of Africa. She wanted everything to be authentic, especially the flavor of music from Africa.

What Disney says

Beyonce in talks with Disney to create another successful film

Beyonce in The Lion King (Source: Hollywood Reporter)

According to Disney, The Lion King was one of the biggest deals. And, now they are planning to expand further and do more projects with her. Currently, she is working on projects with Parkwood Entertainment. But, Disney Bosses will soon offer deals to her making her millions. However, the conversations are still ongoing.

Beyonce’s other projects

Till now, The Lion King has generated about $965 million at the box office. And the number might rise more. Apart from this, Beyonce has already teamed up with the streaming giant, Netflix for their next original.

About Beyonce

Beyonce in talks with Disney to create another successful film

Beyonce (Source: NME)

Beyonce is an American singer and songwriter. She was addicted to music at a very early age. Thus, she performed on various stages and competition platforms as a child. She has also given many hit songs that are popular in all parts of the world. Apart from this, she is married to the rapper Jay-Z, who was also a part of her Disney film- The Lion King.

Now, we are eager to see which next Disney project will Beyonce bag? For more entertainment updates, keep following The Geek Herald!

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