Beyond Meat is working on Fake Bacon and Steak; but don’t get too excited

Beyond Meat's yummy plant based burger patties.
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Founded in 2009, Beyond Meat has produced numerous plant-based meat substitutes for the customers. This time, it is trying to up their game by creating fake bacon and steak.

About Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is a plant-based meat company based in Los Angeles. Since 2013, the company’s food products are made available all over in the United States. In May 2016, the company did an unimaginable thing by launching the first plant-based burger in the grocery stores.

They have designed numerous food products to replace chicken meat, pork sausage and beef. Nowadays, various restaurants and fast food joints have to fulfill the demands of customers who are looking for more meatless and vegan-friendly dishes. This is where companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat comes to the rescue.

Beyond meat has served numerous food products and they have improved their quality over time. Plus, their new plant-based meat is being praised by vegetarians and vegans from all the parts of the world.

According to CNN Business, now the company is all set to include steak and bacon in their food business. And we know that their new innovative efforts won’t go in vain.

Beyond Meat plans to make vegan steak and bacon! Hopefully that means that the Beyond Burger will come to Canada soon! from vegan

Recently, the publication interviewed Ethan Brown, CEO. He stated that fake steak and bacon are still under production. He didn’t reveal much about the release date, but we are sure that they are up to something good. Furthermore, he added that they would need a surprise breakthrough for their food product to launch in the market anytime soon.

Sources revealed that Beyond Meat has partnered with Dunkin (DNKN) to sell the improved version of the signature patty in Manhattan. Even Tim Hortons now serve Beyond Meat’s sausages around four thousand of its locations.

The sales are on fire

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These days, many people are switching a healthier diet and including plant-based meat in their meals. Last year, the company’s revenue reached a 215% increase in sales and this year, they are expecting more growth.

Moreover, their faux ground beef, plant-based burgers, and sausages are sold in more than 30,000 restaurants, supermarkets and in other areas across the globe.

Besides, the company has seen around 700 percent increase in their stock since its initial public offering in May. So Vegans get ready to relish a new food product which will release pretty soon.

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