Big Bang Theory Finally had it’s Last Bang on TV


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Finally, the day has come when our favorite comedy show is bidding farewell.The Big Bang Theory bows out with 12 seasons from the TV. The whole cast and crew paid tribute to the show in their own ways.

Why is the show worth remembering?

Big Bang Theory Finally Had It's Last Bang On TV:The Show Ended

Source- USA Today

The Big Bang Theory first hit the TV screens in 2007. Till now, it has been one of the most successfully running comedy show in TV history. Furthermore, the series went on to win seven Emmy Awards, the highest award for a TV series in USA. The show mainly focused upon a group of cynical yet loving male scientists.

The protagonists, Sheldon and Amy were decorated physics scientists. They are shown winning Nobel Prize for their contribution. The character of Sheldon and Amy were played by Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik respectively.

The show saw everything- the group getting married, entry of a female neighbor with comic turns, their graduation from silly, stupid problems to more grown-up issues. But for the whole coarse of change, their love for comic books and Star Wars remained constant (Pun intended).

The series was the backbone of CBS and aired for 12 hefty seasons over the span of 12 years. The finale episode celebrated their quirky and bizarre friendships in an astounding way. The finale episode ran for only an hour, but it really felt completed and satisfying. 

Big Bang Theory season finale

Big Bang Theory Finally Had It's Last Bang On TV: The Show Ended

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The finale turned out to be overwhelming, as expected. Penny got pregnant and joined Bernadette and Howard in their official parent club. The central role of the whole series was Parsons and his character, Sheldon. The character of Sheldon was so relatable and closest to the heart of the show’s audience.

He was a man of routine and habits. While, the “selfish jerk”, Leonard was the inevitable part of Sheldon’s charm. The last episode saw Sheldon paying tribute to his oddly interesting friends and their friendships. His relationships and bonds made him a better person. That’s how he pushed his selfishness away for his friendship and went in a relationship with Amy.

The final end

Although, the show added a lot of other members but the spotlight majorly focused upon the ‘core cast’. The End of the series showed the seven stars sitting on a couch, as seen often during the show. However, it’s really not the end, since the filming of Young Sheldon has already started.

We hope it will be creating the same buzz that The Big Bang Theory did.

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