Big Little Lies Season 3: Would the Big Little Lies Cast Actually Go to Jail?

Big little lies season 3

Politics has never been as exciting as it is shown in Big Little Lies. At the end of Season 2, we all saw the death of Perry Wright (Alexander Skarsgård). He was a monster, and he deserved it! But did the women of Big Little Lies went through all that pain for nothing? It seems like their fight against the bad will go in vain because they are going to prison.

What we know so far

Big Little Lies series is based on a bestselling novel by Liane Moriarty. In the beginning, the storyline was expected to wrap up in the first season. However, after receiving immense success, the creators decided to continue the series.

Would the Big Little Lies Women Actually Go to Jail? A Lawyer Weighs In from VIRALNEWS_ZUKUS

The story is set in the town of Monterey and centers around five women who are brought together when a murder takes place in their beloved city. In the Big Little Lies Season 2, the creators added Meryl Streep with Andrea Arnold.

The first season, was more of a murder mystery whereas the second season suffers from its aftermath.

Will the cast go to jail?

Fans are curious to know what will happen in Big Little Lies season 3? In the season 2 finale, the Monterey Five headed to the police department to confess their secret. Now, the real question is why they kept it as a secret when it was not a planned murder?

A still from the Little Big Lies Season 2.

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Recently, lawyer Andrew Stengel revealed good news for the Big Little Lies fans out there. Moreover, it sounds like it might not be as bad as we all thought.

What can we expect in Big Little Lies Season 3?

Andrew Stengel stated that after the Monterey Five, they would probably be questioned by detectives. Later on, they will decide whether or not to prosecute them for their actions. In the show, Bonnie pushed Perry in self-defence move because Perry was assaulting multiple women and beating his wife.

Stengel says that Bonnie did that to defend Celeste so she will get a sentence for few years for involuntary manslaughter. However, they might get into trouble for lying to law enforcement. Moreover, their confession would not change any of their family life.

Lastly, Stengel has a piece of advice for Renata Kline. She should stay away from Gordon Klein because she is a terrible person.

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