Black Clover Chapter 262 Spoilers, Leaks, Raw Scans: Asta feels guilty for Yami’s capture


Asta and Yami were seen fighting Dante in Black Clover’s previous episode. Their fight will continue in the upcoming chapter 262 of Black Clover. However, Yami will not be with Asta anymore. Yami managed to protect the Clover Kingdom and the Blcak Bulls, but the Dark Triad captured Yami.

It’s Asta and Black Bulls’ turn to protect Yami now. Fans will get to see their next move and strategy to protect Yami in ‘Black Clover’ chapter 262.

What happened in chapter 261?

In chapter 261 titled ‘Shadows of Night’, fans saw Zenon abduct Yami. Asta was also brought back to the church to get proper treatment. His arm was turned black due to evil magic, causing him great pain. Grey healed Gauche and the Black Bulls was also safe.

All of them have gathered together in order to save Yami from the villains. The doctor said that nothing can be done about Asta’s injured arm and left it upon mages to look into the matter. According to the doctor, Mimosa’s magic can heal Asta. The other injured knights were also treated.

Yami’s capture and Asta’s guilt

In chapter 262, fans will see that Asta is still feeling guilty for Yami’s capture. When he vowed to get Yami back, a mysterious man appeared and told him that he is not strong enough to protect Yami. At this point, he won’t be able to face Dante and the other villains.

Later on, it was revealed that this man is the Black Bulls’ vice captain Nacht. He told Asta that he will help him to save Yami.

Chapter 262 will release on 30 August. The raw scans will be available on 27 August.

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