Black Clover Chapter 274 Update: Spoilers, Raw Scans, Release Date, Plot Predictions And Latest News

Black clover

Black Clover Chapter 274 will be out soon. And spoilers for it can be leaked anytime now. The manga is reputed to have its chapters released back to back without any delay. It has now been confirmed that spoilers will soon follow the release of its raw scans. Although no time has been specified for the release of raw scans. Hence, fans await with baited breath.

Black Clover

MoeSand is the main source for manga scans every week. It was confirmed by him that the spoilers for the latest chapter will be out today, i.e., December 3rd, Thursday. The Manga copies reach the stores by Thursday. And then the leakers click pictures of the raw scans and post them on social media platforms. Spoilers will only be out when the manga raw scans are verified and translated properly.

Plot Predictions for Black Clover Chapter 274

There are speculations that the new chapter will show the Invasion of Spade Kingdom. Here the squad will be divided into two groups. Nacht will explain the raid plan to all the members. Additionally, it will also reveal remaining 4 members of the attack squad. Noelle, Elves and the Heart Kingdom members will also get the limelight in the upcoming chapter. Their training of Ultimate Magic technique is shown.

Release Date

Chapter 274 release date is Sunday, December 6 as per the official manga sources. Whereas the English translation will release on the following times based on the time-zones:

Pacific Time: 9 am on Sunday, December 6

Central Time: 11 am on Sunday, December 6

Eastern Time: 12 noon on Sunday, December 6

British Time: 5 pm on Sunday, December 6

Fans can read the new chapter for free on VIZ media, Shonen Jump and MangaPlus official website and platforms. One should always read the manga from their official websites for free as it would help the creators and inspire them to make more interesting stories.

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