Black Clover Chapter 280 Spoilers, Plot Predictions, Release Date, Raw Scans And Latest Updated

Black Clover

Black Clover Chapter 280 is just around the corner. “The Door To Hell” is finally open. The Passage that connects the demon world to the human is finally open and guess what, the series features Devils Of The Highest Order. So, who are they? Are they really that powerful?

The black clover franchise is proving itself with the amazing storyline they are serving. Hats off to Yuki Tabata. The unfolding of events of the previous chapter was quite unexpected. The series is getting interesting after each passing episode and fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming chapter.

Chapter 280

Black Clover Chapter 280 Spoilers And Plot Predictions

The unexpected turn of events in the previous chapter includes the introduction of 2 high-order devils. It seems that the tables have finally turned and the two devils released seem very stronger than the Black Bulls captain. There is one male devil and one female devil that came out of the Underground and attacked Nacht and Jack.

The upcoming chapter will show that the new devils will easily defeat the Black Bulls raid team and take over the dark triad leaders. While the end goal might be different for both sides, there will be a temporary alliance at the start and they will act as allies. Black Clover chapter 280 might end with the magic knights taking a major loss at the hands of the two devils. Asta, Noelle and the other training gang will arrive at the last moment and a big magical battle will happen.

Release Date

As per the schedule, Black Clover Chapter 280 is going to release on 31st January 2021.

Raw Scans, Leaks, and Spoilers

Chapter 280 spoilers and summary will be updated when the manga raws or scans are verified and translated into English. Spoilers will be releasing on or around 28th-29th January 2021.

Where to read the Black Clover 280 Chapter?

All the latest chapters of Back Clover manga including Chapter 280 can be read on official websites such as Viz or Mangaplus. Since the manga is a weekly shonen series, it will release a new chapter every single week.

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