Black Clover Episode 141 explains why Yuno became the vice-captain of Golden Dawn squad


Episode 141 of Black Clover is going to be an important instalment for Yuno’s fans. The official title of the episode suggests that it may provide the untold stories about Yuno becoming the vice-captain of Golden Dawn.

Important Episode for Yuno

Yuno has a tougher time being a Magic Knight as compared to Asta. The Black Bull is way better than Yuno’s squad as it is full of talented and competent misfits. On the other hand, Golden Dawn where Yuno belong is composed of royal and noble men and women of the Clover Kingdom.

Yuno has been often belittled and underestimated by his teammates despite wielding a four leaf clover grimoire. When it comes to proving everyone, Asta and Yuno are good Magic Knights. So Yuno was rightly promoted to as the vice-captain of the Golden Dawn.

Not much is revealed in the brief video teaser of episode 141 of Black Clover. The only thing that we know is that it will focus mainly on the Golden Dawn as the title The Golden Family suggests.

In the preview, we see Vangeance and Yuno in different scenes. We also see Mimosa trying to heal Alecdora. This means that a huge challenge is in way for the Golden Dawn. As episode 141 of Black Clover is a part of the story arc the bridges the events from the six month training to the upcoming attack on the Space Kingdom. This may certainly explain Yuno’s promotion.

Release date and how to watch

With no hiatus in sight, episode 141 is set to release on 1 September. It will be simulcast on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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