Black Clover Episode 93 spoiler, release date and plot: Battle between Licht vs Julius

Black Clover Episode 93 spoiler, release date and plot

The battle between Licht and Julius Novachrono is coming to an end with Black Clover Episode 93 defining who will last.

In the previous episode, we witnessed a huge revelation. Leader of The Eye of the Midnight Sun Licht is an alter ego William Vangeance. Thus, this ended up being one of the most dramatic fights of the series. The Clover Kingdom is set to face the brunt of this epic fight which will decide the fate of Licht and Julius.

Expectations for Black Clover Episode 93

The highly speculated fight will definitely end in Black Clover Episode 93. Still, Licht vs Julius is not a fight but a one-sided battle. Licht cannot dominate Julius is a one-on-one fight as he is the Magic Emperor and his knowledge of Magic is far beyond Licht.

In Black Clover Episode 92 we had an instance when Licht does hurt Julius but he heals almost instantly. Thus making Julius Novachrono an impossible opponent defeat.

Also, Julius uses Time Magic which makes him a formidable fighter. Licht does have a wild card with him in the form of his Cursed Seal Magic. Even if he cannot defeat Magic Emperor he still can eliminate the Clover Kingdom with the immense power unleased from the magic seal.

The most likely beginning is Marx seeing them both fight. After witnessing the fight he decides not to wait and send for all possible help and contacts Magic Knights present there in the Clover Kingdom capital.

In the end, it is speculated the Licht does use Seal Magic. To protect his kingdom Julius uses his max ability, however, he comes short on mana when he tries to protect himself. He performs time-reversal magic and Chrono-stasis and saves the capital.

But this leads to his own downfall and the end of the Magic Emperor.

Black Clover Episode 93 spoiler, release date and plot

Release Date

Black Clover Episode 93 is set to be released on 23rd of July 2019.


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