Black Clover Episode 94: The War between Humans and Elves has begun

Black Clover Episode 94 is calling back the elves through incarnation

The anime world is getting exciting contents for its newer series. We are talking about Black Clover and its ongoing episodes and battles. The last episode 93 is even better than other anime series. And now Black Clover episode 94 is on its way on July 30.

The previous episode came with the extraordinary battle ever in the anime world. Whereas Julis is seen taking over Licht in that episode. Julis is strong but he is more concerned about his kingdom from which his downfall is necessarily at stake.

Black Clover Episode 94 is calling back the elves through incarnation

Credits: The anime scrolls

Black Clover Episode 94 will be as promising as others are

As soon as Captain Yami arrives at the scene, Julis gets stabbed by Licht. The main battle is between Julis and Licht whereas another battle continues between Mereoleona and Rhya. In terms of story, episode 93 is one of the best for the series.

“The new future” is the title of latest Black Clover episode 94. In this new chapter, we will the final moments of Julis’s life. As to how he dies in front of Captain Yami while Yami promises to keep the kingdom safe. And the most important part, Licht uses the power of reincarnation. He will try the forbidden magic to bring back souls of elves inside the human body.

Black Clover Episode 94 is calling back the elves through incarnation

Credits: Anime Cracks

Releases end of July, till then wait for suspense

Innumerable elves will get a place inside the human bodies. The incarnation will continue to grow, taking human bodies as their rest place. In addition, Licht also gets possessed by one of the elf’s soul. Subsequently, leaving his own soul to fight for a new battle.

On the other hand, the series will come with a new beginning. The saga of Magic Knights versus the Elves in a battle. As the series is proceeding, it is getting more intense and new stories are getting revealed. Julis demands vengeance from his fellow members as he gets betrayed.

Therefore, we need to wait for more things to unfold. And wait until the latest Black Clover episode 94 releases.

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