Black Clover Movie Plot Predictions, Release Announcement And All The Latest News

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Black Clover movie is being planned as the eponymous anime series is about to come to an end in Episode 170. The big reveal has already been announced. Yuki Tabata and Studio Pierrot will give fans a big treat with the movie.

Fans believe it’s too early for the anime to end as the manga is still ongoing. But as the anime is inching closer to the manga, the latter has to drop several chapters more before it can continue. Thankfully, the anime’s story can resume in the movie.

Black Clover Movie

Black Clover Movie Release Date

Word is that the upcoming film may be announced soon after numerous reports confirmed its arrival. Fans are hoping it may happen in a big way and may even come with a huge reveal. With the success of Demon Slayer: Infinity Train at the box office, it looks like making an anime movie will be a new trend. Jujutsu Kaisen and My Hero Academia will also have their own film adaptations that fans are waiting to see.

Black Clover

The planned movie may have a connection with the anime and manga series. It may feature a correlation, continuing the manga storyline where the anime will end. It may adapt the remaining new chapters that the anime has yet to feature. Hence, fans will have to just wait and watch what will it be.

Which Arc Of The Story Is Going To Be Adapted In The Movie?

Speculation is that the film might adapt the manga’s best arc, the Spade Invasion arc. It may feature Asta’s Devil Union mode, the high-ranking devils coming out from the Tree of Qliphoth, and much more. Fans also hope that the movie will give them the ending they want to see as the anime concludes. Talking about the show, it already dropped the first look at Asta’s mother.

Black Clover

The penultimate episode set the stage for the big finale, ending with a major cliffhanger. Asta’s training with Nacht has officially begun, and he has finally faced the devil in his grimoire, which is part of the Devil-Binding Ritual so that his devil power can be better for future use. Although his training is already a big event for fans to see, a bigger one is coming in the finale with the appearance of Asta’s mother. This is one of the most significant manga events that fans are waiting to witness in the anime, and it is finally happening.

The Big Reveal

The movie’s release is yet to be officially revealed, but a big announcement about it may drop on Sunday, March 28. In the meantime, Episode 170 of the anime will be out on Tuesday, March 30.

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