Black Clover Season 4 Release Date, Plot Predictions, Spoilers; Is The Anime Finally Starting The Spade Kingdom Arc?

Black Clover

Black Clover Season 4 officially begins in early December. The continuation of the anime series was never in doubt. However, avid fans are more curious about whether or not the new phase of the show will finally cover the events in the so-called Spade Kingdom arc.

Black Clover Season 4 Plot Predictions And Spoilers

The IMDb page for the anime series indicates that the new season will start with episode 155 titled “The 5 Spirit Guardians”. Those who have been following the show will know that the title refers to the group of powerful mages from the Heart Kingdom.

So far, the anime has only officially introduced Gadjah who has already appeared in several episodes before. Meanwhile, the other four Spirit Guardians — Floga, Sarado, Sumuriku, and Potrof — already had their manga debut after the six-month timeskip.

It can be recalled from episode 153 that the Magic Knights Captains have chosen squad members to train with Spirit Guardians. Asta and Secre were already included since they are the only Arcane Stage mages so far. Yami also recommended Luck and Noelle and later told Magna he will try to make arrangements with Julius Novachrono to see if he can also join the training. Fuegoleon recommended Leopold while Vangeance chose Mimosa and added that Yuno declined. Captains Charlotte and Rill volunteered to join.

Spirit Guardians Training In Further Episodes

The training with the Spirit Guardians will take up a few episodes to wrap up. The reported titles for other installments also hint this. Episode 156 is titled “Awakening Power” while episode 157 is titled “The Five Leaf Clover.”

The upcoming season is likely having 50+ episodes just like its predecessors. It is very likely to cover the manga canon stories. These stories revolve around the attack against the Spade Kingdom’s Dark Triad. Fans might have to wait a few months before that happens, though.

Release Date

It is unknown why Yuno declined to join the training with the Spirit Guardians. However, he will still be the focus of the remaining episode. Episode 154 is titled “Vice Captain Langris Vaude”. And its synopsis hints it might finally explain how Yuno got promoted as the second in command for Golden Dawn. Episode 155 will be released immediately in the following week, on Dec. 8, and will mark the beginning of a new season.

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