Black Gold might be possible solution to curb air pollution

Indian scientists again outshine others, discovered 'Black Gold'

With the second-highest population in the world, India is a home for scientists and we prove it again. Indian scientists have discovered another chemical substance called ‘Black Gold’.

Indian scientists at TIFR ( Tata Institute of Fundamental Research) have altered the basic chemistry of Gold and formed a new version of it.


With a new chemical comes its chemical properties. Same goes with Black Gold, it is significantly different from what we call as Gold. It can absorb light as well as CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Thus it has endless uses and potential.

They did this by just rearranging the size of the gap between the molecules and Voila! a new chemical substance is formed.

Black Gold Properties

Absorbs light as it is a dark substance.

Absorbs Carbon Dioxide.

Can absorb close to Infrared Region on the Light spectrum.

Nanoparticles are heterogeneous.

Presence of inter-particle plasmonic coupling

Absorbs Solar Energy.

Converts harmful CO2 into useful Methane.

Acts as Catalyst (Reaction Enhancers).

Experimentations and Possibilities

Moreover, various experiments were performed on it. The first one was checking its solar energy-absorbing capabilities. This experiment was simple, scientists dispersed the Black Gold into a water solution and kept it in sunlight. They checked the temperature at equal intervals. Due to optimum coupling and also the interparticle distance, the temperature rose from 67 to 88 degrees.

Indian scientists again outshine others, discovered Black Gold

Scientists at TIFR ( Tata Institute of Fundamental Research)

Potential of Black Gold

The material can be used in the following ways:

  • Can be used to absorb light thus useful in solar panels.
  • Artificial trees with Black Gold leaves can be created to maintain the CO2 cycle.
  • The CO2 can be converted to methane and other gases.
  • Methane is excellent fuel, thus many problems can be solved.
  • Can be a potential solution to harmful UV radiation.
  • Absorbing solar energy and converting it to electrical energy can be useful

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