Black Mesa Xen as Half Life Remake: Check Details [Watch Video]

Black Mesa

Valve’s is known for its games. Valve’s two most acclaimed games are Half-life part one and Half-Life part two. While most fans prefer the second part over the first one, we personally feel one is still better. Half-Life is getting a remake as the Black Mesa: Xen.

HL one's weak part gets a fan remake!!

Having two endings, some edge of the world graphics, the mystery G-man and the layered gameplay are the pros for HL-1. However, it only has one downfall which stops it from topping in the list. It is a particular part of the campaign i.e Xen.

What is Xen?

Xen is the alien dimension is placed right near the end of Gordon Freeman’s Excellent Science Adventure. Black Mesa: Xen seeks to right Half-Life’s lone wrong. Pre-Xen is still available to play on steam. It was available for 4 years. The Crowbar Collective team is finally almost ready to finish the job with Xen, which fleshes out the alien portion of the story with an aim to make it stand up to the rest of Valve’s masterpiece. It can be called a ‘fan remake’ if you would like.


The beta version mostly consists of expedition gameplay. The long-jump ability built into Gordon’s HEV suit is put to liberal use here, but what’s bound to jump out at you first is the colour palette.

Some puzzles in the game may eat up your mind while others may seem easy. The new Xen explores the extraterrestrial more. The Crowbar collective has the burden of Valve’s blessing on the project and years of media hype and accumulated expectations. They are one of the biggest fans of Half-Life/Black Mesa and thus have done everything they can to make it a classic entitlement under the franchise.

Here is a link for first 5-6 minutes of Black Mesa Xen gameplay. It includes some stunning graphics and does full justice with the series.

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