Black Widow Trailer Breakdown: Every Detail you Missed in the Latest MCU Movie

Black Widow Trailer Breakdown What Happens in the Marvel's Secret SDCC Footage

Black Widow trailer might be releasing in the next few days but teaser footage was shown at the San Diego Comic-Con in the month of July. In the Marvel panel, footage from the upcoming Black Widow movie cut in the form of a trailer was shown behind the closed doors.

There are high chances that an almost similar trailer is released worldwide very soon and it was released just minutes ago. Here is the Black Widow trailer breakdown from SDCC 2019 and details of footage shown for the MCU movie.

Black Widow Trailer Breakdown

Black Widow Trailer Breakdown

Black Widow trailer starts with flashbacks from Age of Ultron and runs up to Captain America: Civil War. Natasha says that she has betrayed her family and Tony by stopping Black Panther from catching Cap and Bucky. Thereafter Marvel logo plays and the footage cuts to a staircase in Budapest. Widow enters with a gun and we are introduced to Yelena’s character played by Florence Pugh.

They call each other sister and fight with each other all over the kitchen destroying everything and then have a drink to talk stuff out. The next few moments in the Black Widow movie are action-packed with gunfights, motorcycle chase, running through streets and jumping through windows. At the end of the trailer, we get to see Black Widow vs Taskmaster on a bridge and logo for the movie plays and it is over.

Black Widow Plot Theories

Black Widow Plot Theories

Black Widow plot is very confusing given her character died in Avengers: Endgame which makes it some sort of prequel. But since it is set after the events of the Civil War, it is also not an origin story. As per the leaked Black Widow plot, the story will revolve around Natasha and Yelena.

There is some sort of clean-slate program where one can erase their identity from any of the government and live a free life. There are also some theories which say that Yelena played by Pugh will be groomed up to be the next Black Widow and join the new Avengers group.

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