BLACKPIN “Kill This Love” sets a new record with 450 million views

"Kill This Love" sets a new record of mustering 450 million views in the shortest time span

K-Pop fever is rising at an ever-escalating pace in the world. Ever country is plagued with people who love and adore Korean dramas and music. Well, another live example of it came into existence recently. “Kill This Love” a new song by BLACKPIN set a new benchmark by becoming the first K-Pop music video to reach 450 million viewers in a short span of 3 months.

BLACKPIN – Kill This Love

Well, the music video is not the first one who was able to garner so many people’s attention. This title was previously owned by “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. However, the most interesting fact that both the songs are of BLACKPIN.

"Kill This Love" sets a new record of mustering 450 million views in the shortest time span

Kill This Love has successfully garnered 450 million views
Source: Bilboard

“As If It’s Your Last” and BOOMBAYAH are two other K-Pop music videos who have once owned the title of having 450 million viewers. Well, this is undoubtedly a moment of pure joy and euphoria for BLACKPIN and all its fans.

What the song has in store for us

The music video was released on 5th April this year and it mustered 450 million viewers by June 29th. Thus breaking the record by getting famous in less than 3 months’ time and to be more precise in 85 days and 17 hours. DDU-DU DDU-DU received this much amount of attention in the span of 137 days.

BLACKPIN "Kill This Love" sets a new record of mustering 450 million views in the shortest time span

BLACKPIN breaks its own record
Source: uDiscoverMusic

The music video Kill This Love is a song against toxic relationships. The relationships which constantly pull you back just to disappoint you one more time. We must kill this love, yeah it’s sad but true!” is chanted by the group to show what they stand for.

It asks people to kill such hazardous love before it murders you. The powerful song looks capable of stopping many from going on such jeopardizing adventures. It looks like with the sheer power of its lyrics the girls will wipe clean all such relationships.

BLACKPIN also holds the title of being the biggest K-Pop girl’s group in the entire universe. This small group which comprises of just 4 adorable girls have time and again proved their worth. The girls usually perform in Korean as well as in English.

Their songs are later dubbed in Japanese so as to make them available for most of their fans. Their last hit DDU-DU DDU-Du secured No.55 on the singles chart as well.

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