Blindspot Season 5 Renewed

Blindspot Season 5 Renewed

The good news is that all the eyes can be wide awake binge-watching Blindspot season 5. Blindspot season 5 is renewed which also the final season. Though binge-watching wouldn’t take time as the season finale wouldn’t be longer than 13 episodes. This news is yet to be confirmed but this is what we heard from our sources.

The NBC drama which has topped every browser history is here to stay. Blindspot season 5 is renewed and with it are our hopes too. This created a merry bliss amongst the fans after the replacement of their favorite show. The show was replaced by The BlackList in the Friday slots. The end of season 4 follows a huge finale episode, so grab your popcorns already!

Blindspot Season 5 Renewed

Blindspot Season 5 Renewed
Source: TV Guide

Renewing Blindspot season 5

Blindspot season 5 is renewed on the basis of ratings. Approximately, 90% like this crime fiction series and are therefore looking forward to it. Martin Gero, the creator of Blindspot has been leaving loose ends.

These loose ends point towards the little spoilers of Blindspot season 5, which we won’t tell you. Thank us later! The NBC thought of Blindspot a show which could gain an audience. The series escalated real quick due to its brainstorming mysteries.

Blindspot Season 5 Renewed

Source: EW


Considering, your urge to watch the series after this article, we give you some glossary. Don’t worry there aren’t any spoilers. Blindspot starts with a dizzy journey of Jane Doe. She was discovered by the FBI with intricate tattoos having mysterious meanings. Jane has no memory of her existence and thus, is clueless about everything. The series drops some clues which are picked up by the fans for theories.

Apparently, there is more in store for the fans than they think. Martin Gero set unraveled the synopsis of Blindspot season 5. He said that the FBI may land onto Iceland sniffing some clues about the Eastern seaboard attacks. He then dropped subtle hints about the hard turns season 5 might take, teasing his thinkers.

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