Blizzard Warning: Spring Snowstorm to hit Denver and Colordao

Spring Snowstorm to hit Denver and Colordao : Blizzard Warning issued!

The National Weather Service issued a Blizzard Warning to most cities along the Front Range, including Denver and many of the Eastern Plains, with something like snarling Arctic Snowstorm heading for Colorado.

Additionally, for Fort Collins, Greeley, Castle Rock and most countries in the region, blizzard warnings are in effect till midday Thursday.

Prediction by Weather Forecasters

In essence, according to forecasters, if people are caught in the storm, the blizzard might be like threatening.

The snowstorm to pack several inches of snow and wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour this Wednesday through Thursday morning throughout most of Northeastern Colorado.

Spring Snowstorm to hit Denver and Colordao : Blizzard Warning issued!

During the storm, it is predicted to travel along I-70 and I-76 east and northeast Denver will become dangerous, if not devious. Forecasters reported another “Bomb Cyclone” to build over Mid cast and centred in the Kansas and Nebraska area of the west.

In the light of, air pressure at sea level falling in 24-hour millibars, storm to become a cyclone of Bomb. Furthermore, one can expect heavy rainfall at first, converting to storm continuing overnight and till Thursday morning.

NWS meteorologist tweeted for people,

We want people to understand that storms impact will be great and one might encounter zero visibility during blizzard.


By the same token, another set of Blizzard Warning

I-25 corridor to receive snow in the storm around 4 to 8 inches, while foothills and mountains could see more than one foot.

According to forecasts, far northeastern Colorado to get closer to snow foot.

Spring Snowstorm to hit Denver and Colordao : Blizzard Warning issued!

Russ Schumacher, Climate Scientist on Blizzard warnings to Associated Press,

this is the time of the year when we get a weather roller coaster.

He added further,

80 degrees temperature before snowstorm is not out of ordinary, particularly in March and April.

For the purpose of protecting from blizzard situation, Ranchers and cattle farmers alerted by NWS to bring livestock to shelter.

Likewise, Delta Airlines issues weather waiver bulletin at DEN, ASE, COS and GJT.

Under those circumstances, highs in Denver expected to approach 80 degrees, however as storm approaches, it will fall.

Snow to continue into early Thursday afternoon, with high-30s and low-40s.

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