Bloodstained, Easter eggs related to Demon 44


Fans of the original “Castlevania” series wanted to see to it that the spiritual successor was successful in its development. Many fans waited through a number of delays for the game, and now their wait is over as the game released last June 18, 2019, for ‘Bloodstained’.

When in the train, players should then pass through the cargo car and go into the first passenger car.


Bloodstained still has a lot of secrets to uncover. One such secret is the mysterious Demon 44, also known as Kune-Kune, and this guide will help players who are interested in slaying this demon.

This guide will help interested players locate it.

Still, finding Demon 44(Kune-Kune) doesn’t provide the gamer with any exceptional prizes. Finding that demon in the game is tough enough let alone beat it.

Finding Demon 44

Steps to be followed to find the Bloodstained enemy.

  1.  If entering the train for the first time Bloodstained demon hunters will have to find it under a time limit.
  2. The train can be boarded from Bridge of Evil.
  3. Players will be able to board the train again without a time limit.
  4. When in the train, players should then pass through the cargo car and go into the first passenger car.
  5. Now simply wait inside the passenger car.
  6. The demon shall appear shortly.

How to kill demon 44?

Locating Kune-Kune is still an easy process if the time limit is absent. Defeating him will take a lot of your mind and strategy.

Firstly, you need to analyze the powers of Demon 44. He damages the player just by looking through his eyes. So you will need a plan accordingly.

We have deduced following three methods which can be used to defeat Demon 44.

  1. Use the roof – Try to go over the roof and throw projectiles from there as you will the avoid direct damage from the demon.
  2. Avoid face to face encounters and attack from other sides.
  3. Use “Stand Still Shard” which you can get in the game previously and attack from behind.

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