BMW X6: launch, engine, specs and much more!


BMW X6 is not new to car fanatic, the first generation was released in 2008 and since has been a fan favourite. BMW never fails to amaze us in its coupe series. After all these 11 years the series is set to release again for the third generation.

What’s new?

New X6 is obviously better than all the previous versions. The new grille’s give it a new and efficient look. They light up when doors are opened or shut. Also, these will give an illuminated effect when the car is on the roads too.

The headlights are more slender than before and flank equally with the new ‘Grilles’. Similar to the ‘8-Series’ we have slender tail-lights and a highly ventilated rear side.

BMW's X6 to launch in 2020 Engine, Specs and more ...

The rear looks this astonishing!


These are the features of new BMW X6 2020.

  • Leather sports seat made with Vernasca.
  • Increased capacity of the cargo – 1,530 litres Approximately.
  • Panoramic Roof made of Glass.
  • More Illumination points than predecessors.
  • 20-speaker Bowers.
  • An Official Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound System.
  • A brand new heads up display.

Brand new Driver Assistance system will also include various equipment to help the vehicle user.

They are:

  • Automatic Blind spot Detection.
  • Waring for Rear Collisions for parking and also accidents.
  • Traffic crossing alerts.
  • Just like Rear, there is also a frontal collision warning.
  • Active cruise control.
  • Additional Active Side Collision Protection.
  • Active Evasion Aid.


The new BMW is loaded with specs let us try to see most of them.

The new BMW holds 3.0-liter TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder which produces 250 kW power. It is then connected to an 8-speed automatic transmission which allows the ‘Beast’ to accelerate quickly from 0 kph to 90 kph in approximately 5.2 seconds only. Well, you can obviously compare this to the Cheetah itself.

BMW's X6 to launch in 2020 Engine, Specs and more ...

Some facts,

  • Top speed – 210 kph
  • Air suspension (optional).
  • Active integral steering.
  • Extra Off-road package for tough terrains.

The price of this beast will be obviously very high as is its maintenance. The price is 44,24,772 INR approximately. Moreover, its additional version i.e  X6 M50i will be priced even more at 58,93,961 INR.

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