Exclusive Sneak Peak of Borderlands 3


In a near 4K trailer, the gearbox has finally successfully revealed the look at Borderlands 3 in PAX East during the panel presentation. The video providers the viewers to have a glance at the playable heroes.

The visual quality is quite better than the previous ones and the viewers are also promised with more than over a billion of generated guns.

Borderlands 3 : What will it offer

But according to the statements of critics, they are not seeming to be much content. Some fans are quite pleased with the 4K trailer of Borderlands 3. But most of the critics are not much happy with this. This is so because according to them the investment in the new franchise is not as good as the previous one.

Exclusive Sneak Peak of Borderlands 3

In one of the very recent articles put out by the Polygon, the senior editor named Ben Kuchera happened to say that he accepts that the visual quality is enhanced and the characters of the game are also new and interesting but this just simply does not mean any way that this is better than that of its predecessor.

Battle Royale and Critics Review

He added that there is nothing that is visible to him in the Borderland 3 that is going to be better than that of Borderland 2.

Kuchera also slams the movie saying that all of these is appearing as if the franchise is putting out the predecessor one. The fans are not offered with anything new in the content. Thus, the sequel is not at all something that is enjoyable according to critics.

The critics welcome the idea of the battle royale but at the same time, they think that this must not be the major content on which the game has to focus on. The fans are quite worried about the battle royale in the new Borderlands 3.

This is a kind of another explanation which can be given for failing to have a better sequel.

Source : Gamespot, Kotaku

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