Boruto Chapter 53 Release Date, Timings, Plot Predictions And Latest Update: Is Naruto About To Die?


Boruto Chapter 53 has fans looking forward to see Naruto’s future in the hands of Isshiki. Theories suggest there will be a time skip as Masashi Kishimoto will take over the writing works from Ukyo Kodachi.

There are rumours that Kishimoto will change the future of Boruto Chapter 53 onwards. Its storyline may take a sharp turn. However, if there is one thing that fans have been waiting for, it is to see what will happen next to Naruto.

Isshiki managed to drag Kawaki to his fight with Naruto in the previous chapter just before he died following his use of Baryon mode. Now, Isshiki may succeed in using Kawaki as his vessel after the latter was observed with the karma seal.

Plot Predictions For Boruto Chapter 53

Isshiki used the baryon mode chakra and karma on Naruto that put the hokage on danger. Sasuke and Boruto are both not in good shape to help the latter’s father. Hence, the enemy will have the upper hand in the fight with the help of Kawaki.

There are predictions Boroshiki will wake up and use his karma to absorb the Baryon mode chakra from Naruto. This will give Boroshiki the boost and save Naruto at the same time.

There is also a probability that Kawaki will save Naruto’s life to repay the Hokage’s generosity after willingly sacrificing himself for him. Additionally, Amada knows a lot about the Otsutsukis. Even that could be revealed during the fight between Boruto and Isshiki.

Fans may also see Issiki hurting his eye that may lead to activate his Jougan and finish off the fight in Boruto Chapter 53. A lot of fans believe Naruto is about to meet his demise. He may take Isshiki with him to save everyone. However, there are also some who are convinced that Boruto will not let his father die.

He may unleash new powers, like Jougan, or let Momoshiki take control of his body to defeat Isshiki. Also, instead of Naruto, Sasuke may be the one who will die.

Momoshiki is said to be aware of Isshiki’s plan to use Boruto as a sacrifice to feed to the Ten-Tails to make the God Tree grow. However, with Momoshiki’s appearance, it remains to be seen whose side he will take.

Boruto Chapter 53

Release Date And Timings

Boruto Chapter 53 is set to be out on Sunday, December 20, at midnight Japan Standard Time. If this will follow suit, its English translations will later be out in different parts of the world. It will be released at 9 a.m. Pacific Time, 11 a.m. Central Time, noon Eastern Time, and 5 p.m. British Time. Spoilers and raw scans are yet to come.

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