Boruto Chapter 54 Detailed Summary: Fight Continues; Sasuke Makes A Plan; Will Boruto Finally Wake Up?

Boruto Chapter 54

Boruto Chapter 54 entire summary has been released. Thanks to Twitter users Abdul Zoldyck and Nitebaron, the english translation is available here.

Boruto Chapter 54 Summary

The chapter starts with BoruShiki saying, “I have gotten rid of Sasuke’s spacetime ninjutsu, as it would’ve been troublesome. And now you have nowhere to run.” Naruto says that Momoshiki has taken full control over Boruto’s body completely. Boroshiki then commends Boruto for being a perfect vessel, he says:

Boroshiki: It’s the 2nd time I have managed to come out like this…indeed this is a good one [referring to Boruto as a vessel], to be able to move freely like this.

Sasuke looks at Boruto’s wounds and thinks that they have been healed by Borushiki. Kawaki has a flashback of his conversation with Boruto about removing the “mark” (Karma), from chapter 27. Also, Boruto telling Kawaki that they’ll defeat Jigan together. Kawaki tries to reach Boruo saying, “Cut it out, you bastard!!”, but Borushiki mocks Kawaki saying, “You are free now, aren’t you? Isshiki Otsutsuki’s soul has been completely destroyed”. Kawaki replies by saying, “Shut up”, but Borushiki says, “No matter what you do, its useless”.

Fight Continues In Boruto Chapter 54

Kawaki attacks Borushiki using his modified arm. But he manages to dodge easily. And gets close enough to stab Kawaki on the back. Borushiki reveals his intentions of feeding Kawaki to the Ten Tails. And that “Isshiki is hiding somewhere to extract the chakra fruit”. Kawaki continues to combat Borushiki. Panel switches to Naruto, who is in a bad state and passes out.

Borushiki while dominating Kawaki is then challenged by Sasuke. Borushiki uses Kunai to stop Sasuke’s sword strike. Sasuke then uses lightning release and Borushiki takes a step back. He noticed that he didn’t observe the lightning release. Sasuke remembers the promise he made to Boruto. He says he is prepared to do this because “we are master and disciple, AMATERASU!” Borushiki immediately uses a shadow clone to avoid the black flames making contact with the real body.

Borushiki tries to run away as he is unable to absorb Ninjutsu because of a certain disadvantage. Sasuke immediately strike with a fireball jutsu but Borushiki dodges it instead of absorbing it. Sasuke notices this which confirm his suspicions that Borushiki is unable to absorb jutsu/chakra. He regroups with Kawaki, who is with Naruto and mentions that he notices something strange about Borushiki. And that they have to deal with him now, otherwise “we’ll all die”.

Sasuke’s Plan

Sasuke realises that Borushiki is probably capable of using space-time ninjutsu. And can at any time travel back to the village. Sasuke follows by saying, “Before that happens we need to bring back Boruto’s consciousness”. Sasuke thinks that may be Boruto’s chakra exhaustion is the trigger which allowed Momoshiki to take control of Boruto’s body. And so, if Boruto’s chakra is restored, then perhaps he can regain consciousness. Kawaki doubts this but Sasuke says that there is no other explanation. Borushiki is unable to absorb chakra, possibly because that might end up restoring Boruto’s chakra. That allows Boruto to take back control.

Borushiki from far away observes Kawaki and Sasuke and says that attacking the upfront won’t work. Sasuke says that he wants Borushiki to absorb chakra before he gets tired. So, they have to attack him using all the remaining chakra they have. All of a sudden Sasuke gets struck by a Vanishing Rasengan launched by Borushiki. Borushiki tries to execute his plan while Sasuke was down and attacks Kawaki. While Borushiki is attacking Kawaki, Kawaki recalls (has a flashback) Boruto’s brotherhood and their deep connection.

Boruto Wakes Up

Borushiki proceeds to absorb Kawaki using space-time ninjutsu, in order to escape. But Kawaki says “Enough” and uses fire release directly on Borushiki’s face. Borushiki shocked!! And he tries to stop the space-time ninjutsu, but it’s too late and the chakra gets absorbed. Kawaki loses consciousness. Borushiki is determined to finish the plan before Boruto wakes up. But Boruto suddenly regains consciousness. So Borushiki tries to hurry the process but is unable to perform the space-time ninjutsu because of Boruto. Boruto says, “That’s it, Momoshiki, this is how far you go.”

Boruto Chapter 54

Boruto grabs his right arm using his left arm, and proceeds to break off the horn. He now has full control over his body. Boruto, while lying down, says to Kawaki, “Sorry…for all the trouble that I have caused”. And Kawaki replies, “We are in this together…damn brother”. The chapter ends with Sasuke looking over Naruto’s unconscious body in a concerned manner.

Preview for Chapter 55

The boys who met by fate, grasp the “future”. The stakes are high following the fierce battle of resolution.

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