Boruto Chapter 55 Plot Predictions, Release Date And Time; Code And Amado To Destroy Konoha Village


Boruto Chapter 55 possibly has a lot of intense twists and turns. Aside from the possible symbiotic relationship between Momoshiki and Boruto, Code and Amado may join forces to bring the Konoha Village down. The hype surrounding the 55th chapter is incredibly growing. As the manga only drops once a month, the wait is a pain for fans.

Boruto Chapter 55 Plot Predictions

Since Boruto seems to outsmart Momoshiki, gaining his body back from the Otsutsuki, there are questions if he is now totally free from the villain’s control. Some believe there’s still a symbiotic relationship between the two, and Momoshiki is still silently living inside Boruto’s body.

The threat of Momoshiki is not yet over, and there is no way it will end that easily. There is something more to this antagonist, and the manga has already established that Boruto is not as strong as his father is. Hence, he may not have completely defeated Momoshiki yet. He may still need a power boost to do so, and the upcoming chapter may show Boruto deal with Momoshi while sharing one body.

There are predictions Boruto may have tamed Momoshoki, or the latter has no power to get the better of the young shinobi. If this is indeed true, then it may be possible that these two will work together while inside Boruto’s body. They may fight the same enemies and even boost each other’s strengths and powers.

Boruto Chapter 55

Code and Amado’s plans

In addition, the new chapter may show Code and Amado working together to destroy the Konoha village. In the imminent chapter’s preview, Code will have access to the ten tails, and his position will also get an update soon. Along with Amado, Code may betray Boruto and ruin the town for their own benefit. This may put the Konoha village in danger, facing a catastrophic event that will result in significant destruction.

A major time skip may happen from here, and fans may see Boruto and Kawaki fighting on the top of the dismantled city. Amado remains to be mysterious, and no one knows his real motives. On the other hand, it may be Code’s intent to avenge the death of his boss, Isshiki. There are also theories Amado may offer Kawaki to Code to bring Isshiki back to life.


Release Date And Time

Chapter 55 is scheduled to be released at midnight JST on Friday, February 19th, 2021. This is according to the official Boruto section on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump.

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