Boruto Chapter 56 Plot Predictions And Discussion, Release Date, Spoilers And Leaks Latest Update


Boruto Chapter 56 will end the first stage of the Isshiki Otsutsuki arc after the villain dies. Even though the Konoha team won over Isshiki, things didn’t end without a significant conflict. Momoshiki entered Boruto’s body and took huge advantage of it. Though Kawaki managed to defeat Momoshiki, it remains to be seen what will happen next to Boruto and the gang.

Boruto Chapter 56 Plot Predictions

Kawaki used Momoshiki’s wit against himself so that he could make him leave Boruto’s body. Boruto has now returned to his base form, though there are questions if the Otsutsuki clan member has entirely departed Boruto’s body. Or will their fusion leave a mark or a piece of Momoshiki inside Boruto’s body?


Word is that Kashin Koji could play a major role in the upcoming instalments after Isshiki almost defeated him. Also, there are questions on how Boruto and his pals can return home. Now that Rinnegan is badly injured, Boruto is out of Chakra, and Kawaki has no karma that can help to bring them back to the Konoha village.

There are also longstanding claims about Naruto and Sasuke’s possible demise. Fans also want to know what will happen next to Code and the Ten-Tails in the other dimension.

Boruto Chapter 56

Meanwhile, fans have yet to have the chance to see more of Code in the manga. Although he is only seen in small cameos, the anime puts more depth to the character in the filler episodes. By the looks of it, though he seems to be an underused villain, Code is as sinister as the big bad in the series. There is a strong possibility that he could be the deadliest villain the story has. So, fans have to watch out for him.

Release Date, Spoilers And Leaks

Chapter 56 is set to be out on Saturday, February 20. Its spoilers and leaks, on the other hand, may drop two to three days before its official release comes.

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