Boruto Chapter 56 Spoilers, Predictions, Discussions, Release Date, Raw Scans And Where To Read Manga

Boruto Chapter 56

Boruto Chapter 56 is just around the corner. And fans are waiting for the spoilers with baited breath. Although the anime has faced a lot of flak, the manga has been consistent throughout, with its quality.

The previous chapter was heart-breaking to a lot of fans. And all this is building up towards the inevitable. Kurama’s death has hit hard and he will be dearly missed going forward in the manga.


Boruto Chapter 56 Plot Predictions And Discussion

Kurama was a fan favourite just as much as Naruto is. He was with Naruto right from the beginning. And the manga series will never be the same again hereafter. He was first introduced as a blockade in Naruto’s journey. Gradually, he grew closer to Naruto. And eventually became his best friend.

The current arc of the Boruto manga has almost reached its conclusion. The upcoming chapter will most likely see its last segment. We will hopefully see the conclusion to some of the unresolved issues, in the imminent chapter.


The war with Kara that spanned over chapters will finally meet its conclusion as the new chapter in our heroes life unfurls. After the defeat of Isshiki, Naruto and co are back at home. However, this time without their primary sources of power.

Naruto and Sasuke, now having lost their major source of power, are no longer the strongest in the business. However, without even that, they aren’t any less formidable. Even without Kurama, Naruto was able to subdue many of the stronger villains in Naruto manga.

Similarly, Sasuke can still use his Jutsus so there’s no way both of them are weaker by any margin. Though they won’t be able to pose threat like they used to, they’re still two of the strongest Shinobi in Narutoverse.

Boruto Chapter 56

What About Kurama And Code?

Word is that Kurama can get revived. Kishimoto wouldn’t necessarily want to do that but fans would certainly love it if that happens. However, considering the last moments of Kurama, it is highly unlikely that he will be back anytime soon.

Meanwhile, it seems like Code will be the next villain in the saga of Boruto. In the last chapter, we saw him taking names of characters including Naruto Sasuke and Boruto. Maybe we will see him attacking the home village of 7th Hokage in the upcoming chapter.

Release Date And Where To Read The Manga

For Boruto manga you won’t have any fan translations like some other series (One Piece or Attack On Titan). However, raw scans will be out on March 16th. Spoilers are expected to drop around March 17th.

The official release date for the 56th chapter is 19th March, 2021. As usual, you can read the manga on Viz and Mangaplus as a digital release.

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