Boruto: Next Gen Naruto’s new mini Arc announced!

Boruto: Next Gen Naruto's new mini Arc announced!

Boruto Anime is having a hard time right now. With a rough storyline going on and low viewership Boruto is not living up to its legendary name.

With recent filler episodes ending, new filler episodes are to be introduced in the Anime. The previous filler was focused on ‘Mirai Arc’. The new one, however, will be focused more on Konohamaru.

Boruto: Next Gen Naruto's new mini Arc announced!

*Do not continue if you want to avoid spoilers. This is not a spoiler-free article.

Boruto: Next-Gen Mini Arc Plot

Now, the new filler will be focused on Konohamaru and is the ‘Lemon Arc’. Konohamaru falls for a girl named Lemon. Lemon is chased by a ‘bunch of guys’ in Konoha as she is trying to enjoy the view. However, Konohamaru cuts the fight and rescues the girl.

Konohamaru still feels that the girl is mysterious and the girl too is portrayed the same way. Still, the charm of ‘Lemon’ overpowers the will and the grandson of Hiruzen ends up helping her.

If you guys follow it perfectly, many fans will be disappointed as this story has been followed previously. Yes, Kakashi’s arc was fairly similar. He also falls in love with a girl from another village. As Kakashi is fan favourite, his arc was loved by fans. However, the writers will have to work on and find new storylines to deliver to fans.

The Boruto episode 115 which was aired in Japanese on 14th July also did a good job. The lack of teamwork is still a problem and Kakashi realises that he needs to overcome it to strengthen the team. Moreover, Kakashi talks to Houki.

Improvement in the current series is required. Previous episodes were quite good and entertaining.

It is speculated that these filler episodes will not last longer than 3-4 episodes. It will be released this week on Sunday, i.e 21st July.

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