Bottle Cap Challenge: Celebs kick the caps off the bottles

Celebs take the Bottle Cap Challenge; kick the caps off the bottles

Remember the Kiki Challenge or the Ice Bucket Challenge? The Kiki Challenge compelled a large number of people to come on roads and complete the challenge last summer. And here’s another challenge which is going viral this summer. It is called the Bottle Cap Challenge. And, the celebrities are taking this challenge very seriously.

What is Bottle Cap Challenge?

Celebs take the Bottle Cap Challenge; kick the caps off the bottles

In this challenge, the participants try to unscrew the cap off the vessel with their foot in the middle of the kick after spinning. But, the bottle should not knock down. To complete the challenge people are usually using the wheel kick.

Who began the Challenge?

The martial artist and taekwondo instructor, Farabi Davletchi posted a video which he captioned as #FaraKicksChallenge. His trick was quite commendable. The Bottle Cap Challenge was apparently begun by an ACRONYM designer Errolson Hugh. Then, current UFC Featherweight champion, Max Holloway, continued the chain of completing the challenge.

Check out the celebs continuing the challenge

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First @erlsn.acr did it. Then @blessedmma followed, and challenged me. I now challenge @jasonstatham. #bottlecapchallenge

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What made the challenge viral was the celebs who are worshipped like gods started taking the challenge. They further challenged their friends to continue the chain. John Mayer then accepted the challenge from Max Holloway and posted a video on Twitter. After them, Jason Statham and American DJ Diplo also took part in the BC challenge. The challenge has also spread in  Bollywood. Actors including Siddhant Chaturvedi from Gully Boy have posted the video for Bottle Cap Challenge. He has further tagged Ishaan Khatter to try the challenge too.

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