Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Marriage And Baby Rumours: The Couple Remarried In A Private Ceremony

Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have apparently recommitted to each other, about two decades after they first got married. Reports suggest that the pair has rekindled their relationship.

Former Flames Reignite?

Ever since her divorce from actor Justin Theroux, Aniston has been in news. Multiple tabloids have reported to that she re-took a leap of faith with her first husband. And the couple pledged their commitment to each other all over again. It has been reported that they were recently married in a commitment ceremony.

Baby On The Way?

Some gossip mongers also said that Aniston is pregnant. Fans spotted Jennifer cradling what appeared to be a growing baby bump.

Jennifer Aniston Baby Bump

Apparently, Brad and Jennifer were so eager to wed again, they just had a private unofficial ceremony in the backyard of his house in the Pacific Palisades. The home overlooks the coastline and isn’t far from the beach – it’s breathtaking. It was the perfect setting.

Things Are Looking Good For Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston

Supposedly, Brad’s parents, his six children, and a few famous friends were also in attendance. Also, among the famous faces were the duo’s close friends, George and Amal Clooney and Courtney Cox, who acted in the bridal party.

pitt-aniston reunioin

Additionally, gossip columns mentioned that Brad’s mom, Jane always preferred Jennifer to Angelina. So, allegedly, his parents were the most happiest.

Reportedly, Brad’s devoted himself to a sober lifestyle and started therapy, which apparently has paved the way for his renewed relationship with Jen. The couple is now more open with each other than they ever were in their previous marriage. They are older, wiser and different people in different places of their lives now.

brad pitt and jennifer aniston

Nothing But Lies

Tabloids have always published false stories when it came to celebrity couples news. This piece of news is hard to believe as both Pitt and Aniston have long moved on with their lives. They are focussing on their individual careers and are busy with producing quality work.

Gossip columns also reported recently that Pitt has troubled relationship with his kids. If so then how would they attend his so-called private wedding. What is truth and what is lie, you would never know with these tabloids. Hence, it’s best not to believe everything they say.

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