Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Rumors: Angelina Jolie threatens Pitt to take away kids


A source published a wrong headline claiming that Angelina Jolie terrorized Brad Pitt to take her kids away from him.

Angelina Jolie surging at Pitt, Aniston

The entire article was a recap of what’s also been published before. The source claimed that Angelina plans to shift to London. To make the article interesting they mentioned the name of Pitt’s ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

The source claims that Angelina’s threats came up when she found out that Brad and Jennifer bought a property together.

Angelina Jolie restricts Jennifer Aniston from meeting her kids

Rumors about Angelina taking her kids away from their dad have been in the market for years. The allegations that Jennifer and Brad are back in relationship are also very common.

Previously, a source claimed that Angelina threatened Brad to take their kids away from him.

A source said,

All of sudden, she’s banned Brad from letting Jen hang out with their children until the divorce is finalized. Jolie is bitter that he’s moved on and warned Brad.

Brad and Jolie’s nasty custody battle

Another source claimed that Jolie has been fighting with Brad for a bigger settlement. There are claims that Angelina asked Brad for 100 million or more.

A source said,

Brad described it as never ending nightmare that he can’t keep wake up from. It’s nearly four years and Ange is still trying to control him.

A month ago, a tabloid claimed that Angelina and Brad still have love for each other. The two doesn’t want to split.

Angelina’s legal team said Angelina isn’t trying to delay anything. Since, Angelina filed the divorce case, there’s nothing she wants other than that.

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