Bradley Cooper And Renee Zellweger Dating Rumours: The Pair Planning To Pick Up Where They Left Off

Bradley Cooper Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper could be planning on rekindling their romance. Rumour mongers are shipping the pair hard. The duo met while filming Case 39 in 2006. The media speculated about the nature of their relationship in 2009, when the film was released. In 2011, the media reported about the end of the relationship.

Bradley Cooper Finds Love Again

Last year in February, there were reports that Zellweger and Cooper were going to give their relationship another chance. They had a brief reunion at last year’s Academy Awards ceremony. Apparently, the encounter was an intimate reconnection. Bradley was supposedly the one that got away.

When they met, Cooper told her he was so in awe of her performance in Judy that he’d watched it twice. Renee appreciated his kindness. Cooper allegedly flirted with his former girlfriend at the Oscars afterparty. And news is that the Bridget Jones’ Diary actress was receptive to his charms.

Bradley Cooper Renee Zellweger

The Truth About The Former Pair

In reality, the only piece of truth to the story was that Cooper and Zellweger had a friendly reunion at the Oscars last year. To be honest, the two are bound to run into each other since they’re both big names in Hollywood. Additionally, a spokesperson for Zellweger laughed off the story. And a source close to Cooper reassured that nothing romantic happened between the two when they met.

Bradley Cooper Renee Zellweger

More False Stories About The Actors

Also, this wasn’t the first time gossip columns are falsely reporting stories about Zellweger and Cooper. In 2019, the magazine said that Zellweger was dating Colin Firth. About five months ago, the outlet claimed that Cooper was having secret sleepovers with Jennifer Garner. Tabloids do not have any insight into either of the entertainer’s personal lives. And simply make stories up as they go.

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