Brain-eating amoeba kills man after North Carolina water park visit

Brain-eating organism kills a person in fantasy lake water park.
Credits: The Fayetteville Observer

A brain-eating amoeba named Naegleria fowleri, killed a US man after he visited North Carolina’s Fantasy Lake Water Park. The Health and Human Resources department stated that the person died due to infection caused by amoeba present in the water. Besides, officials are working on the case to protect and safeguard the swimmers in the future.

The unnamed person dies after infection

Fantasy lake water park is not safe for swimming.


The human-made lake is located in Hope Mills, North Carolina. On July 12, a US man fell ill after spending time in the human-made lake. Also, the CDC stated that death is caused by none other than the Naegleria fowleri. It is a single-celled organism which enters the internal organs through the nose.

Symptoms of infection

Mostly, the Naegleria fowleri contaminates the hot springs, freshwater lakes, and rivers. Moreover, the symptoms usually start after five days of infection. As per Centers for Disease Control, the infection leads to death after a week.

Moreover, an infected person can notice changes in taste and smell, severe headache, and fever. Other symptoms include nausea, loss of balance, hallucinations, sleepiness, seizures, and a stiff neck.

How to stay safe from Brain-eating amoeba (Naegleria fowleri)?

Every year, millions of people are exposed to Naegleria fowleri. But only a handful of individuals get sick and die from the infection. Recently, health officials reported that Naegleria fowleri has killed 145 individuals in America from between 1962 to 2018.

To prevent the amoeba from entering your body, avoid stepping into freshwater bodies. Moreover, one can wear nose clips to prevent the infection. Amoeba generally grows in hot or warm water. Avoid any water bodies at any cost. Don’t disturb the sediment by swimming deep into the hot freshwaters.

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