Use Brave Browser if you really care about your privacy online

Use Brave Browser if you really care about your privacy online
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Brave Browser gives full assurance to the users that it blocks most of the websites from stealing your data and tracking you. Moreover, it seems like this one of its kind browsers is going to give serious competition to Google Chrome.

Brave Browser will block third party cookies and trackers

These days, nobody knows who is keeping an eye on them while they are browsing the web. So it is better to hide your data from such third party browsers from tracking your information. From Firefox to Chrome, Brave Browser is here to serve and protect you from third parties present these sites.

Use Brave Browser if you really care about your privacy online

Credits: Brave Browser

However, if you want to secure your browser, then you might have to change some privacy settings in preferences. But this new Brave browser will help you to change your privacy settings and offer all in one safety features for protecting you and your data.

It mainly blocks the third-party cookies and trackers, which records your activity while you are carelessly browsing across the web. Moreover, this new browser startup offers the user to control what they can do and don’t want to get blocked, for example, from blocking Google login buttons to cookies to Facebook and ads.

Brave Browser vs Chrome! (Web Browser Showdown!) from brave_browser


This browser is now available for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Brave Reward System has a unique reward system that which appears after installing the browser. The reward system helps you to tip content creators by watching their adds without revealing your personal information.

Besides, the browser loads page 8 times faster on your phone and two times more quickly on the desktop. Also, it provides security and privacy protection. It also contains other features like cookie control, ad blocking, block scripts, and HTTPS upgrading.

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