Who are Britain’s Got Talent six finalists after the surprise result

Britain's Got Talent six finalists
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Britain’s Got Talent features various participants with extraordinary acts who compete against each other to win the title of the show.

Who secured the place Britain’s Got Talent 2019 finale?

The final round of Britain’s Got Talent 2019 still has two more additions left. It was announced when two acts came out on top during the third live semi-final.

Moreover, six finalists have been chosen for Britain’s Got Talent 2019 live final. 4MG, Dave & Finn, Siobhan Phillips, as well as Siobhan Phillips have all been confirmed in the live final. But later on, two more acts were joined on the show.

On Wednesday, Ant and Dec (Show hosts) announced the final decision of the audience when the voting lines were closed. After the acts, three participants were remaining to hear their destiny.

As per the sources, John Archer, Colin Thackery, and Kojo Anim were hoping they had a spot in the live finale on Sunday. It’s then Ant and Dec confirmed the verdict that Colin had won the public vote. Colin was so happy to hear that it sent him straight in the emotional lane.

On the other hand, John and Kojo’s fate was in the hands of the Judges. Kojo’s act was better than John, so Alesha, Simon, David, and Amanda gave their votes to him.

Britain's Got Talent six finalists

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Kojo was so surprised with the news, that he placed his head in his hands in a shock. Later on, he thanked everyone for their support and expressed his love for his Aunt Sandra. It was an overwhelming moment for him.

Britain’s Got Talent new episodes air date

According to the sources, two more live show along with a wild card act is supposed to be announced in the finale. Both the episodes are expected to air on May 31, 2019.

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