British Queen Elizabeth Palace Besieged by Rats, Mice

British Queen's palace attacked by rodents.
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After plaguing multiple buildings in London, rats and mice have now entered into British Queen Elizabeth Palace. Buckingham Palace is considered as one of the most popular royal residences.

Recently, the British Pest Control Association stated that the mice and rodent are becoming immune to poison. Plus, they are growing large in number and plaguing every house.

Queen Elizabeth Buckingham Palace is under invasion by super-rats

Recently, Queen Elizabeth called pest control department to deal with the rodent attack. The people in the palace spotted a rat making its way into the kitchen of the royal residence. After the incident, Queen Elizabeth was horrified after the rat invaded the house.

British Queen’s Palace Besieged by Rats, Mice, Leaving 93-Year-Old Monarch ‘Horrified’ – Reports from TheNewsFeed

Furthermore, rats and mice have become a huge problem for London citizens. An insider of the palace stated that they have become used to seeing a small brown mouse in the corridors. Despite taking all the measures, the number of rodents is still increasing. However, nothing can be done to solve this problem.

What does the pest control department have to say?

After the call, the pest control team went to the palace to examine the issue. Besides, kitchen workers were given the training to stop the rodents from entering the palace. The whistleblower stated that hygiene is a top priority.

Now, they have to keep the cupboard doors shut, sweeping the bread crumbs on the floor and table. Rats were mainly spotted in the kitchen, so they had to keep this in mind. As per the reports, these rats are larger than the average rats and are immune to any kind of pesticides. Check out The Geek Herald for more exiciting updates.

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