BTS creates history with its new track “Heartbeat”

BTS creates history with its new track "Heartbeat"

This week’s Friday turned out to be heavenly for BTS fans. With the release of new song “Heartbeat,” coupled with a music video BTS gave the ultimate surprise to its fans!! However, ever time it looks like things can’t get any better God proves his presence!! BTS fans this week turns out to be dedicated to the Boy-group. For the South-Korean Boy band just broke another, record and created history by featuring in the Billboard’s Top 10!!!!

BTS creates history with its new track "Heartbeat"

South Korean group BTS
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BTS World’s Heartbeat makes an appearance in Billboard

Time and again BTS has proved its worth. Making appearance all around the globe in every field and charts. However, this new entry of BTS in the Billboard chart is much special and unique. For according to Billboard itself, this is the 1st time any K-Pop song is able to make an appearance in the list!!

Yes, this is the first time a Korean song has made it to the list! The BTS World new track Heartbeat featured on the No.6th position of Billboard’s Top Soundtracks Chart. The chart holds and ranks the top-selling soundtrack in America. Ranking songs with the help of sales data that is accumulated and compiled by Nielsen Music.

Other achievements of the song

BTS creates history with its new track "Heartbeat"

BTS World Heartbeat is the new trending song
Source: Metro

The new track of secured 72nd position in the Billboard 200. As well as successfully captured the 3rs place in World Albums Chart. Looks like the song is out there to snatch each and every title it can lay its hands on!!

The song was created in partnership for the recently released mobile game of the band. The soundtrack encases a total of 14 songs in it. However, not all are group songs. While certain songs of the track are sung by the group, some are sung in units and the remaining are collaboration projects.

The song is excelling in several charts worldwide garnering fame and limelight. Hope this song breaks many more records for BTS.

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