BTS: Jungkook and Hwang Hana Dating Rumors: Singer clear his Relationship Status on Instagram


Last week, a new dating rumor sparked about Jungkook. The BTS member is rumored to date none other than Parkk Yoochun’s ex-fiancé Hwang Hana. This is a truly controversial news.

It all began with Hwang Hana’s long message on social media. She asked the netizens not to spread false and malicious rumors and Jungkook and her. According to her statement, she is not even friends with the youngest BTS member.

Hana’s request on Social Media

There is no clarity as to when rumors started spreading about Hana and Jungkook. Hana even tried to explain that she didn’t even know the singer personally. Before it becomes a chaos, Hana tried to control the situation and stop the speculations. She took to Instagram to make clarifications.

Please stop spreading ridiculous rumors. Why are you piecing together random things and spreading these rumors? It’s damage to both that person and me, and I have a boyfriend.

Hwang Hana first noticed the dating rumors going around about her and Jungkook on 7 August. She immediately took steps to clarify things.

Hana wrote,

Please do not make assumptions just because they might be around the same age. I do not personally know Jungkook at all!! Next time I might even be dating Leonardo DiCaprio..

BTS VMA’s Nomination

Amidst these rumors, BTS members are all set for their appearance at the MTV’s Video Music Awards. BTS is nominated in three categories including Best Pop Music Video, Best Choreography and Best K-Pop group.

BTS members will compete with Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and many more.

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