BTS Jungkook Net Worth increases after Buying Chips!


Today, BTS is the world famous boy band and Jungkook is one of the well-known members of the band. He is among the most popular idol singers of South Korea.

Being so famous, Jungkook is no doubt earning very well. He is a top star in South Korea when it comes to music. Despite being so rich and famous, Jungkook is very humble. The star seems completely clueless about how rich he could be.

Jungkook has achieved it all in such a young age. The young star is completely humble and unaware of how rich he could be. BTS members have a busy schedule and they may lose track of their earnings. The bank accounts of the BTS members are swallowing day by day and half of them are clueless how much money they are earning.

There is an interesting story about Jungkook discovering how wealthy he is. It happened while he was busy buying snacks from a vending machine. In Korea, people can buy items from a vending machine using their credit cards.

Jungkook was trying to make payment for chips and his card got rejected every time. subsequently, one of the staff stepped in and paid using his own credit card.

What went wrong with the card?

Jungkook was using a black card from Hyundai. Now, this is no ordinary card and offered to only super-rich individuals.  This card can only be availed through invitation and has no limit. One needs to have at least KRW 100 billion in his savings to get approval for this card.

The annual membership fee of this card costs around KRW 2 million or US $1,700. It also places a limit on the minimum amount to be spent. So this was why Jungkook couldn’t pay for the chips.

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