Bully 2 rumours reveal major leak cause the game to be cancelled

Bully 2 Gameplay leaked and Game was canceled

Alas! It’s been 13 years since Bully was released and since then fans have been eagerly waiting for Bully 2. And we still don’t have any confirmations that whether the game even under development phase or not.

But according to a recent rumour, Bully 2 was under development at some point of time, but eventually got cancelled.

Bully 2 was cancelled in 2009

The news has emanated from YouTuber SWEGTA, with the info coming from Reddit user named  Fika122. Fika122 confirmed the fact from a previous Rockstar games developer and provided screenshots for proof.

The developer was a member of Rockstar games from 2008 to 2009 on an unannounced project probably Bully 2. The game was under development for both Xbox 360 and PS3.

The developer was fired from the production team as he leaked some of the features about the game. Bully 2 was expected to come with climbing systems, fresh pranks etc. Players could also do a running dive into the trashcan and roam an dance around trees.

As far as the game’s story goes, Bully 2 would have been about Jimmy Hopkins enjoying his summer holidays at his stepdad’s home. Players could explore both the summer camp and also the town. The antagonists in the game will be Jimmy Hopkins step-siblings.

Bully 2 Gameplay leaked and Game was canceled

Are the leaks true or false?

Bully 2 Gameplay leaked and Game was canceled

Unfortunately, the game was cancelled and the developer was fired and also the project idea was dropped. It is also possible that the person might be making up all this. Fans would be taking this as a grain of salt, while it turns out as yet another rumour.

Since the previous version of the game was leaked it doesn’t mean Bully 2 isn’t under consideration. There have been quite a few rumours surrounding the game with the latest being that Bully 2 will be about Jimmy in college.

Many of these rumours have turned out to be false over the years. But where there is smoke there is fire. We will soon find that Bully is under ranks or not in a couple of years.

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