Call of Duty Mobile game-play modes

Call of Duty Mobile game-play modes

Call of Duty Mobile is the new battle royale game for smartphones. The game is developed by Activision and Tencent studios. Moreover, the game is now available under beta testing for those who have preregistered the game. The same developer of the famous battle royale game PUBG is also taken part in developing the game.

Call of Duty Mobile game-play modes

Call of Duty: Mobile is officially announced
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However, the game is totally updated and a BR mode is added to the game. As during the initial presentation the game offered with only multiplayer and few maps. In addition, to multiplayer mode, there are few more modes which are going to be explained with details further. And what each mode offers with the new Call of Duty Mobile version.

Call of Duty Mobile multiplayer modes

As of now, the game handles almost five multiplayer modes. In addition, there will be more modes joining the games multiplayer or solo terms.

  • Free For All: This mode is real Deathmatch along with Activision’s insight to hunting down any players. There will be no team and win strategy is based on the highest kill. However, the player who is having the highest number of kills, 20 is the maximum to wins the game.


  • Team Deathmatch: A simple strategy game along with a group of members of 8 to 10. The two team fight with each other to get the kill cap but within a given time limit.


Call of Duty Mobile game-play modes

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  • Domination: Real-time battle with tactical points along with the map. Here, each team is required to enter the control point and fight against the enemy. In addition, the team has to withstand for a longer period to acquire points.


  • Search and Destroy: The strategy is almost similar to Counterstrike competitive pool. Here, two teams play against each other while one attacks and other ones defend the planted bomb. However, the defender side has to plant the bomb within each round and the attacker has to defuse or kill them before planting.


  • Hardpoint: This mode is similar to domination but with a twist. In this mode, the teams will fight to get the control point in the map. However, the control point tends to change as the game proceeds further.


In the end, the above-mentioned modes are available for play when the game comes out fully updated. And the game is also available for pre-registration. The game announced in the Unity Keynote at Game Developers Conference 2019.

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